helping people live empowered,
joyful, fulfilled lives


At Jacqueline Fox & Associates we help business professionals create the space, structure, and supporting practices for doing what matters most and keeping success going.

Three primary approaches are used as we work together:

  1. Physical space decluttering, organizing, and beautifying
  2. Customized systems based on your unique needs and goals
  3. Creative strategies for taking your projects and talents to the
    next level of success

Business clients include consultants, educators, therapists, holistic practitioners, medical professionals and artists.

Transformation in your personal and professional life is possible.

  · It starts with being willing and ready to act on those things that matter most.

  · Having the right coach support you through the process makes all the difference.

“Jacqueline is an amazing organizer yet her true gift is her ability as a coach to see the many talents hidden within her client. She encourages me to clearly express myself and leaves me feeling heard and deeply understood. There are no words to properly express the clarity she mirrors back to me every time we speak. After evaluating my situation, personality, and challenges she designed a system specific to my needs and the results have been life transforming.”

Janet Emmert, Reiki Master; Equine Reiki Specialist