helping people live empowered,
joyful, fulfilled lives


Jacqueline Fox - the most inspiring blend of coach, consultant, counselor and confidence builder! I’ve been able to act on all the things I intended to change in the past year and a half.

- R.M.R., Organizational Consultant

I have worked with Jacquie as my coach over the past six years and have come to rely on her to assist me in accomplishing my life dreams.  She is extremely creative and flexible and manages to find a way to support me in clarifying my goals, creating my visions, and honing in on my next action steps.

- B.A., Small Business Owner

Most people tell me I’m overloaded and need to minimize the things I’m doing or they tell me I’m chaotic and scattered and need to focus on one thing at a time. From the very first session, I felt truly honored and respected by Jacqueline who saw the positive side of who I am, how I work, and all the many different things I do. I don’t think I have ever had this type of understanding, appreciation, and validation before (except from my family). Thank you for allowing me to see the all the good and beauty of who I am and what I do through your eyes and owning my gifts and talents. Now I’m on target to living a “life in balance,” my family is onboard and supportive, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been!

- J. E., Holistic Practitioner / Cultural Creative

As a therapist I carried a secret inside of me for years prior to my working with Jacquie. My papers, my projects, my things were disorganized. A feeling of shame would often sweep through me as I worked with my clients knowing I was not living the life of integrity I wanted. I am so grateful I allowed myself to be open and vulnerable enough to ask Jacquie to work with me. I allowed her into my private spaces - physically, mentally, emotionally - the ones my clients never saw. I trusted her.  I can only talk about this now because of the complete and total transformation that has taken place. I am a new person. My life is organized, I'm calm, I'm peaceful, I started meditating by my own choice, and I'm so much more authentically available
to my clients now. I am ever so grateful.

- S.C., Therapist

Jacqueline started working with me twenty years ago as a professional organizer and life coach years before the ideas of simplicity, decluttering, and life coaching became popular.  Wise and respectful, Jacquie listens to what I say and remembers what I say; so much so that it sometimes seems that she knows my hopes, goals, challenges, and strengths better than I do!  She's a positive and compassionate person with a warm smile and a delightfully hearty laugh. Over the years it's often happened that when I'm in a quandary about something, I find that I only need to imagine myself having a conversation with Jacquie, to figure out a solution for myself ,... a sort of "WWJD"... or "What would Jacquie do?!" I'm not a religious or particularly spiritual person but if I were, I would truthfully say that I feel blessed to have known and worked with Jacqueline Fox these many years. 

- W.I., Educator / Writer

I come away from a coaching session with Jacquie with concrete actions and results.  She assists me in bringing forth the resources within myself and directing them outward. I am practicing “expecting success” in my life and in turn, I am manifesting successful results.

- M.K., Performance Artist/Educator

Jacquie provides a clear, comprehensive system for getting and staying organized.  Instead of being a task I dread, organization has become a valuable tool for managing and directing projects as well as meeting my aspirations and goals.

- S.W., Graduate Student

Jacqueline Fox is in the business of fire prevention: not finding more time to fight fires, but offering better preparation to meet daily challenges, so that potential fires are spotted and handled long before the first flare up.

- R. M., Hospital Executive

In three weeks I’ve succeeded in doing what I’ve been trying to do in three years.  I found the work truly transformational.

- S. D., Physician